Are the Classes Safe?

Our children's curriculum has been designed to accommodate kids ages 4 and up, and allows children to successfully learn and perform moves so that they feel accomplished and successful. The average class has a ratio of only five students to one instructor, ensuring that lessons are tailored to the students’ skill level–classes are challenging, but are never too difficult. Additionally, all classes are constantly supervised by qualified instructors.

Will my child have fun?

At Lims Taekwondo, motivation, excitement and fun are the essential tools we use to aid out students’ learning and performance. Along with fun, upbeat classes, we plan various events at our school that allow children to interact with each other and make new friends. Exciting events at our school include sleepovers, pizza parties, movie nights, bowling nights, summer camps, and even meetings with Martial Arts stars.

Will my child learn to be abusive?

Every student at Lims learns our Taekwondo Oath, a commitment to maintaining the courtesy and integrity of our art. Rather than encouraging violent behavior, we teach students the importance of following one's conscious and having an indomitable spirit.

How much does it cost?

Our tuition is very affordable, starting at $89 a month, but the experience of learning in a high quality environment is priceless. If you have ever thought about investing in the lasting benefits of Taekwondo, now is the time to begin!


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