Does your child have difficulty focusing in class? Is he or she a picky eater? Does he or she often fall while playing, shrink back from difficulties, or have trouble communicating with peers?

All of these problems are related to your child’s physical condition. Physical training can vastly improve children’s physical and psychological state, enabling them to function better in everyday life.

The basics of Taekwondo for kids 4+
Taekwondo for all levels and ages
Olympic Sport of Taekwondo Kyorugi
Leadership training for advanced students

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    What our Clients Say

    Lims Taekwondo

    Our children have been attending Lims Taekwondo for several years and I can’t think of anything I would want to see different with the school and its programs. For children, it teaches them discipline, respect, confidence, cooperation, good health practices and more. Being around the school for years, I have seen Kids that study and stay in taekwondo become good adults.

    Jeong Lee

    Top notch Master and instructors! We highly recommended Lims Taekwondo that is an amazing school. Master is very professional, he knows how to work with little kids, he definitely loves his job and children. I just love those the few minutes of each practice when Master or his crew explain a “theme of the month “. It can be “respect” or “responsibility” etc., and it’s explained in such a good and simple manner so that kids would listen and understand it! This school is like a big loving family. I would strongly recommend the school and the teachers !

    Elena Han

    It has been an absolute pleasure to have Master Lim teach our son the fundamentals of Taekwondo. He’s not just a Taekwondo Master but also a great mentor and role model. His passion and commitment to helping kids gain confidence in their physical abilities and social skills are very evident in everything he does with them and for them. He has created a very positive and warm community for the kids of all ages. I strongly recommend Lim’s Taekwondo school. Thank you for all of your hard work it is much appreciated.

    Mary Yammine

    Parent of Jean-Michelle, Black Belt

    This is a great school. Master Lim is very good with kids and a great instructor. He always makes sure that everyone knows what they are doing, if not then he helps them along no matter how long it takes. It is a great work out for all ages to parents. I would highly recommend it.

    Tere Jones

    Parent of Edward & Henry, Red Belts

    Both my son and I attend Lim’s in Langley and highly recommend it!! The instructors are fun and full of energy, the classes are always unique. From the first few months, I saw a huge improvement in my son’s behavior, he has learned respect, fairness, community, discipline and teamwork. Personally, I’ve become more focused in my training, stronger physically, and really felt the desire to be better at all aspects of Taekwondo. I highly recommend this for children as young as 4 and grownups too!!

    Heather Beckley

    Blue Belt, Parent of Liam, Orange Belt

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