Physical Strength and Balance

One of the main benefits of Taekwondo is improving a child's strength and balance. Taekwondo depends on kicking, which helps practitioners learn to balance their weight on one leg leaving the other one free to strike. This action also helps strengthen torso muscles. Arm and leg muscles become stronger as one practices striking. Taekwondo can also help greatly improve coordination.


Learning the patterns and sequences of Taekwondo requires concentration and attention. As well, sparring requires focus on both one's self and one's opponent. Taekwondo teaches breathing and meditation techniques to assist in learning focus.

Discipline and Respect

Taekwondo students must learn to follow directions from an instructor and are expected to show respect to the instructor. Students are also expected to show respect to their opponents before and after a sparring match. A general improvement in politeness can be a result from the disipline that is learned in taekwondo. Lims Taekwondo School focuses on respect as one of the most important aspects.


As students dedicate themselves to a goal in Taekwondo (for example, learning a particular strike, earning a belt or practicing how to break a board) they gain confidence as they observe their own progress and their increase in mastery. This self-confidence can then be carried over into other areas of a child's life.

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